Construction of Dubreuilville gold mine expected to begin soon – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – January 26, 2021)

Site preparation is expected to start “imminently” on a second gold mine outside Dubreuilville. Argonaut Gold announced late last week that it’s filed its mine closure plan for its Magino open-pit mine project.

Tree removal and site clearing is expected to commence very shortly with construction expected to begin as soon the site prep is complete.

A mine closure plan is a mandatory document prepared by the mining company and submitted to the provincial government on how land affected by activity will be rehabilitated after mining ceases. The company must also provide substantial financial assurance covering the costs of the environmental rehabilitation work.

Magino is 14 kilometres southeast of Dubreuilville and 195 kilometres north of Sault Ste. Marie. Argonaut acquired the project from Prodigy Gold in 2012.

Argonaut’s neighbour to the east is Alamos’ Island Gold Mine, currently undergoing a third phase of underground expansion. Construction of the mine and processing plant buildings on the site will take two years. First gold production is expected to take place some time during the first half of 2023.

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