Were I an Albertan today, I’d be asking: What’s the point? – by Rex Murphy (National Post – Janaury 23, 2021)


I’d be asking, how long are we going to put up with being mauled and mocked and stymied and blocked, by forces within Canada and without?

He couldn’t wait. Joe Biden didn’t let the sun set on his first day as president before coming down like a ton of bricks on Alberta. Almost with his first breath, he smashed Keystone XL.

And Justin Trudeau didn’t let 24 hours go by to assure Mr. Biden he understood. Ever so kindly he “acknowledged the new president’s decision to fulfil his election campaign promise on Keystone XL.” The promise to kill it on the first day.

My guess is, to borrow a phrase that the now defunct governor general, Julie Payette, and Trudeau have both found useful in tight situations, the citizens of the province of Alberta “will experience the decision differently.”

Of all the powers and countries and issues and crises in the world at the present moment, is it not utterly unimaginable that at the top of what Joe Biden is pleased to call his mind is a projected pipeline to Alberta?

That on his very first day he drew out the sword of an executive order to slay thousands of jobs in his own country and its closest ally?

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