Trudeau warns Canadian companies in China to avoid using forced labour – by Robert Fife, Steven Chase and Nathan Vanderklippe (Globe and Mail – January 20, 2021)

Justin Trudeau says government officials will warn Canadian companies doing business in China’s Xinjiang region to not use forced labour or engage in other human-rights abuses in a place where the United States on Tuesday declared a genocide was occurring.

Mr. Trudeau told reporters Tuesday that the outreach will include three publicly traded Canadian resource companies that have active projects and plans in Xinjiang, where authorities have locked up large numbers of China’s mostly Muslim Uyghur minority in political indoctrination and so-called “skills training” camps.

The Globe and Mail reported Monday that renewable energy giant Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ-Q) and a pair of junior mining companies, Dynasty Gold Corp. (DYG-X) and GobiMin Inc. (GMN-X), continue to operate in the northwestern region.

“We will continue to work very, very closely and follow up with the companies you named, and all companies that have investments in that area, to ensure they are following Canadian values and Canadian law,” Mr. Trudeau said when asked at a news conference about the three firms.

In Washington, meanwhile, in one of the final actions of the Trump administration, outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that the Chinese government is committing genocide and crimes against humanity through its use of internment camps and forced sterilization.

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