Tiny Keystone vs. the global coal boom – by Terence Corcoran (Financial Post – January 20, 2021)


Canadian hopes of overcoming Biden’s climatism look hopeless

Canadians aiming to break through the Democratic Party climate policy barricades, past the army of anti-fossil-fuel green activists surrounding Joe Biden’s White House, are likely to be disappointed.

Political experts grounded in the world of diplomacy, negotiation and reasoned argument seem to believe that a careful strategic approach to the New Green Washington will enable Canada to forge new bilateral energy pacts that would, among other things, allow the $9-billion Keystone XL oil pipeline to proceed.

The false assumption behind such optimism is that the global climate policy agenda has some grounding in economic and technological logic and sound science, as if it were part of a well-thought-out master plan to restructure the world energy system so as to avoid an inevitable environmental crisis that allegedly poses a threat to the very existence of humans on the planet.

If global climate and national energy policy-making were based on clear and understandable principles, then maybe some cool Canadian heads would be able to negotiate their way past the green barricades. The Biden climate team does not appear to be poised for negotiation.

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