[Opinion] Let’s see violent pipeline protesters the way we see violent Trump supporters – by Rob Port (Pipeline Technology Journal – January 20, 2021)


The problem is not opposing pipelines and oil production, or believing the 2020 election was somehow stolen from Trump, though I, and I suspect many of you, find both positions to be equivalently wrong-headed. The problem is people who have concluded that their cause is so righteous they are justified in scaring and even hurting other people to get their way.

As the years-long regulatory and legal saga around the Line 3 pipeline replacement project in Minnesota has unfolded, many of the activists opposed to the pipeline have vowed that their opposition will mirror the violent, months-long protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

That hasn’t happened yet, but already left-wing activists are instigating inane stunts to get themselves arrested in protest of the pipeline.

Some of the rhetoric used by protest organizers against the pipeline has seemed calculated to inspire violence. Winona LaDuke, a founder of the anti-pipeline group Honor the Earth, has used the term “blood oil” (a reference to blood diamonds) to describe the product Line 3 will move.

She’s also compared the workers who will build the pipeline to the Nazi soldiers who exterminated human beings at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

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