Revenge of the miners – by Nelson Bennett (Business In Vancouver – January 18, 2021)

Long scorned as environmental villains, miners now saviours in green transition: Robert Friedland

One year from now, when the next Association of Mineral Exploration (AME) Roundup conference is held, mining legend Robert Friedland expects the backdrop will be a world in economic recovery and the beginning of what many commodities analysts predict will be a mining supercycle.

And that will be very good indeed for miners, junior exploration companies, and for Vancouver, which is a global mine financing hub.

“A year from now, when we have the next Roundup, I’m hoping we see a vibrant, recovering world economy,” Friedland said in a keynote speech at the opening Monday of the first-ever virtual Roundup conference.

“And I think we’ll see higher metals prices, right across the board,” said Friedland, a legendary American mine financier and founder of Ivanhoe Mines (TSX:IVN), which is headquartered in Vancouver.

The AME represents the prospectors and junior exploration companies that find the deposits that eventually become new mines.

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