International media unimpressed by Canada’s vaccine rollout and they’re right – by Warren Kinsella (Toronto Sun – January 16, 2021)

Uneven, bumpy and sluggish. A big political blunder. Confusing. A lack of action. A flawed vaccine plan.

The words above? They’re actual quotes. And they’re not from the pages of newspapers, like this one, who aren’t big fans of Justin Trudeau’s government.

They’re what international media have been saying about Canada’s vaccine rollout. The Washington Post, CNN and Bloomberg, respectively. And there’s a lot more criticism internationally, too, if you go looking for it.

Some of those words, above, aren’t found in editorials or opinion columns like this one, either. Some are taken from actual straight-up news stories. Because they’re facts.

Because Canada’s federal government has, factually and truthfully, done a historically-inept job at acquiring vaccines to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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