Vale confirms multiple seismic events at Creighton Mine – by Jay Baxter and Marina Moore (CTV Northern Ontario – January 16, 2021)

SUDBURY — Earthquakes Canada has confirmed least two earthquakes in the Sudbury-area overnight originated from Creighton Mine.

Greater Sudbury lit-up social media Friday night to affirm the earthquakes that were felt by residents in the city’s south-end, Copper Cliff, Chelmsford, Valley, Flour Mill and New Sudbury areas.

In a media statement issued late Saturday morning, Vale confirmed multiple seismic events took place at the mine in the late evening hours of Jan. 15.

The full statement reads: “Last night three seismic events occurred at Creighton Mine between 9:00 and 10:30 pm measuring between 2.6 and 3.7 in magnitude that were felt in the community. Employees were all accounted for and brought safely to surface. Day shift was cancelled at Creighton Mine today as we initiate our normal seismic management protocols.”

Vale later revised the statement to “apologize for any disruption this may have caused to local residents.”

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