[Slovakia Mining History] Liptov’s gold rush: Magurka – by Gabriela Psotková and Valéria Polovková (Slovak Spectator – January 4, 2021)


On August 16, 1896, an American prospector named George Carmack and his Tagish wife Kate Carmack were travelling south of the Klondike River. Following a suggestion from Robert Henderson, a Canadian prospector, they began looking for gold on Bonanza Creek, then called Rabbit Creek, one of the Klondike’s tributaries.

And boy did they discover gold, which was present along the river in huge quantities. By the end of August, all of Bonanza Creek had been claimed by miners from all world.

In Slovakia, gold was already been mined by the Celts. The first mining towns of central Slovakia were established in the 13th century by the Germans.

Silver was mined in Banská Štiavnica, the “Silver town”. Gold, in golden Kremnica. And in golden Magurka.

The Golden Trail of Magurka

Magurka was established in the early 13th century. It quickly became apparent to residence that they had settled atop big deposits of gold, silver, and antimony. The gold mining tradition dates back to approximately 1250.

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