Santa Justin puts a lump of coal in every Canadian’s Christmas stocking – by Rex Murphy (National Post – December 15, 2020)

To try to sell the hiked carbon tax as an answer to the economic devastation of the past year is a breathless audacity

Are there any so naïve who did not believe the Trudeau government would work to slyly entwine the protracted and immiserating COVID-19 crisis with its global warming obsession?

Take advantage of a time when economic reality is at its bleakest, the citizens of Canada anxious and unsettled, our national treasury pillaged, and — just for good measure, when Christmas itself is cancelled — slap an outrageous carbon tax on everyone? It’s a lump of coal (carbon) in every Canadian’s Christmas stocking, compliments of Santa J.

They are a shifty lot. Deliberately appropriating the emotions and character of the pandemic and rhetorically slapping them on “the fight against climate change.” It is political cynicism with a smiley face.

All that was missing from Justin Trudeau’s announcement of a $170-per-tonne carbon tax by 2030 was, “By the ghost of John A. Macdonald, here’s a magnificent, an incredible coincidence.

My government’s plan for economic recovery from the COVID crisis matches perfectly with the policies I have been pursuing on global warming, since the very first moment I thought of entering politics. Will wonders never cease.”

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