Why the Biden presidency should book a passage to India – by David Rosenberg (Financial Post – December 10, 2020)


Today, China is the economic threat and it is India that is the answer

Joe Biden may have opted for a bunch of former Barack Obama officials in many posts so far, but I highly doubt he will go completely back to the old accord with regards to Iran.

There will be more teeth attached to any new agreement, of that I am confident. Even the most obtuse among us knows how flawed the original agreement was.

That said, Iran will pose an ongoing threat and the latest (I guess, alleged) Mossad take-out of the country’s leading nuclear scientist suggests that Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t taking any chances and acting while Donald Trump is still president.

I still maintain that what made these last four years fascinating was how the chaotic environment at home stood in such stark contrast to the calm overseas.

Iran, Russia, North Korea and the Middle East were all quiet. Ever hear about ISIS anymore? Thankfully not. I’m willing to give credit where credit is due on that score, whether it was good luck or good management.

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