Inobat to create ‘green battery ecosystem’ in Europe – by Editor ( – December 14, 2020)

European battery producer InoBat Auto has announced its ‘green battery ecosystem’ for Europe, as the race to develop and produce the best and ‘greenest’ electric vehicle (EV) batteries heats up.

InoBat’s AI-driven R&D battery production centre, which was recently approved by the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), is the first stage of the company’s green battery ecosystem, which begins with discovering and developing better performing, and more environmentally friendly cell chemistries more efficiently.

Inobat said this can be achieved through a patented combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and high throughput (HTP) technology, which allows for large numbers of different battery cell chemistries to be tested and improved simultaneously under one roof in InoBat’s battery centre in Slovakia.

InoBat is also tackling EV battery recycling issues with the launch of InoBat Recycling. Through ‘hydrometallurgy’ recycling technology, InoBat Recycling will complete the sustainable battery ecosystem by reclaiming more essential raw materials like lithium from used batteries than standard recycling processes, creating a patented sustainable technology-led solution for Europe.

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