COMMENTARY: Chamber of Mines says mining criticism unfair – by Ed Peart (Yukon News – December 11, 2020)


This commentary is a response to the commentary, “Trust the public with the public interest,” published last month in the Yukon News.

In a recent opinion piece in a Yukon newspaper, the former Chair of a Yukon Land Use Planning Commission stated “The Yukon government would do well to sincerely ask whether any mine — or for that matter, the mining sector — actually benefits the Yukon and serves our long-term interests.”

We believe all Yukoners should sincerely ask themselves the same question to allow them to develop an informed opinion with fact as a foundation.

To imply that mining provides no benefit to the Yukon or Yukoners does an incredible disservice to the thousands of us who have made a living in the industry and continue to do so.

It does a disservice to all of us who have paid our taxes and supported local businesses so they could pay theirs, thereby allowing governments to provide services to all Yukoners that support us and allow us to thrive here.

It does a disservice to all of us who have been able to send our children through school and see them start building their own lives in the Yukon and begin the cycle again as positive contributors to our communities.

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