Don Rastall’s invention, the iconic S12 wrench, has made life easier for thousands of miners – by Len Gillis (Northern Ontario Business – December 10, 2020)

Writing obituaries – something every reporter does – means taking a few moments to consider the lives of some individuals who have really made a difference for others.

That’s what I was thinking this week when I saw the death notice for Don Rastall of Sudbury.

Sadly, I never met the man, but had I found the time I would have shaken his hand gladly. So would hundreds – never mind that – so would thousands of other ordinary working people who were lucky enough to have held a Rastall in their hand.

I refer to the Rastall S12 wrench, something that every hard rock miner in Northern Ontario would know about. The company calls it the Rastall Tool. Lots of guys just called it the Rastall. It is also known as “the miner’s wrench.” It was invented and patented by Mr. Rastall.

Rastall president Tom Primeau confirmed that the wrench has become part of every underground mining operation, and not just in Canada. It is also well-known internationally.

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