‘Basically, we’re mining the centre of the Earth’: Sask. company says it’s cracked code on geothermal power – by Staff (Saskatoon CTV News – December 9, 2020)


SASKATOON — What could be a renewable energy breakthrough has emerged from the depths of the Saskatchewan landscape. Deep Earth Energy President and CEO Kirsten Marcia spoke with CTV News at Noon host Jeff Rogstad about the company’s promising foray into geothermal power. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Before we talk about the big news, let’s talk a little bit about an overview. For people who haven’t heard about Deep Earth, what exactly are you doing?

There is a very, very deep, hot aquifer in Williston Basin – so below our potash resources, below our oil and gas resources. Three and a half kilometres down there’s this big, hot pancake. We’re talking 120C to 130C, hot enough that we can produce that geothermal brine, bring it to the surface, harvest the heat out of it and generate power.

So not only have you had to dig a deep well that went all the way down to that particular site and I believe that was a bit of a world phenomenon, but you’ve also done something else that’s unique in terms of horizontal drilling. So tell us what you’ve done.

When we started drilling this project in late 2018, we drilled about four wells, just vertical wells, making sure that we understood the resource.

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