Canadian mining can supply the metals for a clean energy future – by Cody Battershill (Northern Miner – November 24, 2020)

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If leadership on climate action and environmental best practices are worthwhile pursuits, then the Canadian mining sector is an industry that’s deserving of Canada’s – and the global market’s – full support.

And if a strong regulatory framework for environmental performance, growing Indigenous support and a superior record on human rights are equally important benchmarks, then our country’s mining sector is on the right track.

Beyond the metals that contribute to so much of our modern world, let’s focus for the moment on electric vehicles (EVs). They’re viewed by a growing number of consumers here and abroad as an important way to help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve air quality in many developing cities.

Let’s also acknowledge that EVs also come with an embedded environmental footprint by virtue of the fact EV batteries require certain additional metals when compared with gas-powered vehicles. But that’s not to say EVs shouldn’t be produced.

In fact, the opposite is true, and the production of these resources should be high-graded to suppliers like Canada who have the highest environmental standards.

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