US coal miners call on Trump to move on – by Cecilia Jamasmie ( – November 24, 2020)

Support from coal miners helped Donald Trump win the US presidency four years ago. Now, the leader of the nation’s top mining union is calling on Trump to “move on”, adding that ongoing efforts to challenge vote counts and pressure state elections officials are a “threat to our entire form of government and the American way of life.”

While the US General Services Administration — the federal agency that allows the transition process to begin — said late on Monday President-elect Joe Biden’s team could get in touch to begin changeover, Trump continues to hold on to power.

Trump tweeted on Tuesday he would soon present evidence of widespread ballot fraud and other wrongdoing in “great detail” in a “big lawsuit”.

The president of the United Mine Workers of America International (UMW or UMWA), Cecil E. Roberts, said Trump’s relentless denial of Biden’s victory is putting the US on a path to subvert “the very foundation of what actually does make America great — government of, by and for the people.”

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