They heated with coal in P.E.I.’s Bygone Days (CBC News – November 22, 2020)

Coal from Springhill, N.S., was said to be the best for steam-engine trains

As oil heat falls out of fashion for polluting the environment and heating with wood falls out of fashion for all the back-breaking work involved, more Islanders are turning to electricity, powered in part by wind or solar.

But did you know many homes and businesses were heated with coal in Prince Edward Island’s bygone days?

The black rocks were shipped to the Island on wooden schooners from Cape Breton Island, Pictou and Springhill, N.S., as well as Minto, N.B.

Coal was plentiful and relatively cheap. Every fall, ships from P.E.I. were filled with potatoes and turnips, and sailed across the Northumberland Strait.

Gus Gregory was born in Chepstow, near Souris, in 1918. He spent his life on the sea, fishing and working on East Coast wharfs.

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