Ottawa wants you to wade in on the Ring of Fire environmental assessment – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – November 12, 2020)

Ottawa is inviting public feedback for how its new regional assessment process for the Ring of Fire should take shape.

The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (formerly the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency) is inviting individuals, communities, and organizations to help them draft the terms of reference for this upcoming comprehensive study in the James Bay region.

They want stakeholder input on what should be the particular areas of focus in the assessment of the mineral-rich region slated for mine development as early as 2025.

The terms of reference set out the parameters and the general work plan for the agency, or possibly an appointed commitee, for how the assessment will be done. The resulting document will outline the study area, the various factors to be considered, along with the study timelines and other pertinent details.

Last February, Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathan Wilkinson called for a regional impact assessment of the area, 540 kilometres north of Thunder Bay, based on requests made to him last fall by Aroland First Nation, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada and Osgood Environmental Justice and Sustainability Clinic.

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