The rebirth of the automotive sector makes Ontario the envy of North America – by Flavio Volpe (Financial Post/Toronto Star – November, 2020)

Its no secret that I love cars. I like things with wheels, motors and sinewy designs that cheat the wind and stir the soul. I like cars that connect with each other and drive on their own.

I love cars that take families on tours of fall colours, and cars that barrel through a winter storm like it’s a gentle breeze. I love cars that do big things, but do that work in silence. All of them, a technology nerd’s dream.

Every car made today has more lines of code than a Boeing 787, more moving parts than an RCAF F-18, and more technology in its front bumper than the fanciest phone in your pocket.

In so many cases, these vehicles are designed, crafted, engineered and built by over 140,000 passionate car people right here in Ontario. Our export-oriented automotive industry is some of the best evidence available that we have built a major 21st-century economy.

For almost two years, Canada wrestled with Donald Trump in a tough set of NAFTA renegotiations no one asked for. After a rough start in automotive talks, Team Canada negotiated a requirement to source more content locally for the first time in 25 years.

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