OPINION: Part two – Canada needs a new grand national bargain – by William A. MacDonald (Globe and Mail – October 15, 2020)


William Macdonald is a corporate lawyer turned consultant with a long history of public service and social engagement.

Canada needs to rekindle its post-Second World War success, which was based on social and economic advance going hand in hand – an approach largely absent in the federal governments under Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau.

To again move forward boldly and together as a country, we should explore the possibility of a low-carbon, east-west energy corridor between Quebec and British Columbia that would carry Western Canadian oil and Quebec hydro power.

We have entered a huge moment for Canada and the rest of the world. But as I discussed in Part 1, there are daunting challenges ahead, as well as great opportunities. Canada is largely through its 40-year Quebec separatist crisis, but now faces a potential Western Canada crisis.

This national unity challenge comes from oil and Alberta, and it is aggravated by external factors. Quebec separatism arose from within the country at a time when the external world was largely stable and friendly to Canada.

The Alberta Wexit risk today partly reflects challenges from within Canada – including insufficient efforts on climate change and Indigenous relations from the oil industry, Alberta and Ottawa.

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