Avenging the Avro Arrow: the audacious play to build an all-Canadian electric car – by Adam Radwanski (Globe and Mail – October 14, 2020)


A new all-Canadian electric vehicle has the potential to help transform the country’s automotive sector, even if it never actually makes it to the road.

On Tuesday, the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association, which represents Canadian companies that ordinarily supply parts to international automakers, announced the design for what it has branded Project Arrow – an effort to prove that a zero-emissions vehicle can be completely designed, engineered and built here.

It’s now to proceed to the engineering stage, with the rollout of a full concept car targeted for 2022.

The mock-up is by a group of Carleton University students who won a national design competition in which there were 25 applicants and nine full submissions, all from Canadian postsecondary institutions.

Their design resembles a compact SUV, with a sharply contoured frame and panoramic windows. It’s billed as being suited to rugged Canadian terrains, in ways that may defy the current image of EVs.

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