Will it be Northern Ontario minerals going into Oakville-produced electric cars or Congolese? – by Maija Hoggett (Sudbury.com – October 12, 2020)


The North needs to ‘seize this moment,’ Timmins-James Bay MP Charllie Angus says

With the government investing in electric vehicles, Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus said the region should “seize this moment.”

At the Timmins Chamber’s town State of COVID-19 townhall Oct. 7, Angus talked about the exciting potential for the area.

The federal and provincial governments announced a combined $590-million investment on Oct. 8 for Ford Motor Company’s $1.8-million retooling of its Oakville assembly plant to start rolling electric vehicles off the line by 2025.

To do that, Angus said they need nickel, copper, and cobalt for the electric batteries.

“And you know where they’re getting cobalt and copper from? They’re getting it from Congo. And there’s a worldwide campaign against the export of these minerals because of the human rights violations, taking nickel from Indonesia where they’re using coal.”

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