Opinion: The Liberals are becoming a climate cult – by Dan McTeague (Financial Post – October 7, 2020)


Proposed Clean Fuel Standard is a second carbon tax that will lead to as many as 30,000 job losses nationally

The conversation around climate change arguably has been irrational since it began decades ago, but the irrationality has only become more and more deeply imbedded — perhaps nowhere more than here in Canada, with the current Liberal government and its latest initiative, the Clean Fuel Standard.

Full disclosure: for 18 years I was a Liberal member of Parliament, and a very active one. But the Liberal party I knew was a very different party from the one running the country today.

Today’s Liberals are seized with an irrational obsession on the climate file. Climate change trumps any other concern, excluding the pandemic.

Last month’s throne speech made that clear yet again, complete with ludicrous claims about how the government will create “a million jobs” and calls for “taxes on pollution” and commitments to race towards “net zero carbon” by 2050, come hell or high water.

Some might say we have a state religion in Canada and it is called climate. But my experience with religion is that it is rational — and this obsession isn’t.

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