Nicolas Maduro wins latest round in U.K. court fight for $2-billion in gold – by Paul Waldie (Globe and Mail – October 8, 2020)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro doesn’t have many friends around the world, but a British court has given him a victory in a long-running battle over nearly US$2-billion worth of gold that’s housed at the Bank of England.

The England and Wales Court of Appeal has overturned a lower court ruling that handed the gold to Mr. Maduro’s opponent, Juan Guaido, who is supported by Britain and more than 50 other countries, including Canada.

The appeal court judges ordered a new hearing in the case and said Mr. Maduro’s government has a credible claim to the fortune.

The ruling highlighted the tricky problem governments face in choosing sides in Venezuela especially since Mr. Guaido’s political revolution has stalled and Mr. Maduro remains in control.

Mr. Maduro has never been popular among Western leaders who accuse him of widespread human-rights abuses, rigged elections and economic blundering.

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