Agreement finalised to reduce US reliance on uranium from Russia – by Mariaan Webb ( – October 7, 2020)

The governments of the US and Russia have finalised a deal extending the limits of uranium imports from Russia for another 20 years, a move which US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says will help revitalise the domestic nuclear industry.

The final amendment to the agreement suspending the antidumping investigation on uranium from Russia now extends through 2040. It was previously set to expire on December 31, 2020, which would have resulted in unchecked imports of Russian uranium.

“This landmark agreement will contribute to the revitalisation of American nuclear industry, while promoting America’s long-term strategic interests,” said Ross in a statement on Tuesday.

The Commerce Department pointed out that the amendment was unchanged from a draft amendment released for public comment on September 11.

The amendment was one of the recommendations made by the Nuclear Fuel Working Group to address concern that the US has ceded its global leadership in nuclear technology, and to boost domestic nuclear power producers and uranium miners suffering from a lack of investment.

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