Wanted: stories, memories and tales from the Inco strike of 1958 (CBC News Sudbury – September 22, 2020)


Elizabeth Quinlan wants to hear from people who lived through the 3-month strike

A professor of social studies in Saskatchewan is putting a call-out for stories from people who remember the Inco strike of 1958.

The strike involved 17,000 workers who were part of Mine Mill — then, one of the largest unions in Canada — who were pitted against Inco, a powerful company supplying 90 per cent of the world’s nickel.

Elizabeth Quinlan from the University of Saskatchewan is writing a book about the historic event and is looking for anyone who has memories of being affected by the strike.

“I want to understand the strike by speaking with people who have memories of the days and weeks of that strike,” Quinlan said, adding that she realizes 62 years later, many of the workers may have passed on.

“So I’m also keen to speak with the wives of the strikers and their now adult children,” Quinlan said. “Also the Inco salaried employees, the managers, the members of the board of directors who would have crossed the picket line to go to work for the three months of the strike … or the descendants of any of these people.”

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