Tesla’s hyped ‘Battery Day’ shows some kinks – by Dave Makichuk (Asia Times – September 23, 2020)


Elon Musk had a lot to say on Tesla’s much-ballyhoed “Battery Day.” The day he said would revolutionize electric transport and get everybody excited. Well … it didn’t quite live up to expectations, to say the least.

According to Wired, this turned out to be a fat lithium-ion battery called a 4680 — a reference to its diameter, 46 millimeters, and its length, 80 millimeters — that is being produced in-house at Tesla.

To be sure, Tesla’s new battery appears to offer large performance gains in a few key areas, but it was unclear whether Tesla has actually achieved these upgrades or whether this is the projected performance for the finalized battery, Wired reported.

Neither Musk nor Drew Baglino, the senior vice president of powertrain and engineering at Tesla who shared the stage, offered specific numbers about the new 4680 cell’s actual performance achieved during tests, only relative percentages of improvement compared to existing Tesla batteries.

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