Explorers targeting Saskatchewan’s diversified mineral prospects – by Ellsworth Dickson (Resource World – September 22, 2020)


Saskatchewan is the largest exporter of agri-food products in Canada; however, it is also notable for hosting a variety of mineral resources and even heat for a new geothermal plant.

The Prairie province has approximately half of the world’s potash reserves and 8% of the world’s recoverable uranium reserves. The Athabasca basin of northern Saskatchewan has the world’s highest grade uranium mines.

Its 2019 production of 18 million pounds of U3O8 are being used in Canada and globally to generate some 306 billion kilowatt hours of electricity which is equivalent to powering about 28 million homes with an almost zero carbon footprint – and there is a great deal of uranium yet to be discovered and to mine. Proven and Probable Reserves stand at 565.8 million pounds U3O8.

It is actually astounding how much electricity nuclear power generates. The largest offshore windfarm in the world (Walney in Irish Sea) generates less than 2 Mw per square kilometre. The largest nuclear power plant in world (Kashiwazaki-Kariwa in Japan) generates 1,955 Mw per square kilometre.

Global demand for electricity is expected to grow 76% by 2030, plus the increasing power usage through charging electric vehicles.

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