COMMUNITY VOICES: Mommy, where did my little Tesla come from? – by Jeff Vaughan (Bakersfield – September 20, 2020)

Jeff Vaughan is an independent petroleum geologist who was born and worked in Bakersfield his entire career.

This is a take on the age old question that older siblings have been pondering forever. Surely the wise and elegant stork that delivered me home is not the same demented or inebriated one that delivered my defective younger brother?

So let’s take a look at electric vehicles and where they come from in comparing them to their internally combusted siblings.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. The following is a partial list of items in an electric vehicle that come from hydrocarbons (oil and gas). Hint – plastic is made from hydrocarbons, but it is not the only petroleum product used on electric vehicles.

Tires, belts, hoses, all electrical wires are coated in plastic including battery wires, power steering fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, coolant for air-conditioning, transmission fluid, all plastics in the engine compartment which are too many to begin to list as most newer cars motors are shrouded in plastic.

Carbon fiber, fiber-glass, most fenders, many grills, windshield wipers, sealants around windows and undercarriage, some side panels and all paint.
Steering wheel, kick panels, air bag, dashboard, carpet, door handles, switches, most parts of the seat that aren’t leather, center console.

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