Ford reveals plan for $700M plant, jobs at Rouge plus all-electric Ford F-150 secrets – by Phoebe Wall Howard (Detroit Free Press – September 17, 2020)

Ford Motor Co. revealed Thursday an audacious plan to build a $700 million plant at the Rouge complex that would create the first all-electric F-150, the nation’s bestselling vehicle.

“This plant mirrors the story of America and American manufacturing,” said Bill Ford Jr., executive chairman, during an event at the manufacturing site livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook.

“This is where the industrial revolution took hold, where the arsenal of democracy was forged, where parents and grandparents and great grandparents built not only cars and trucks but their own American dreams.

“Today is about the future and the Rouge has always been the center of innovation,” Ford said, noting that construction of a modern manufacturing center had begun right behind the stage on which he was standing.

This year’s COVID-19 crisis made it clear why it is so important for companies like Ford to help keep the U.S. manufacturing base strong and help the country get back to work, he said, acknowledging the efforts of UAW members.

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