DRC illegal mining the dangerous first link in gold supply chain  – by Bienvenu-Marie Bakumanya and Samir Tounsi (Yahoo Finance/AFP – September 14, 2020)


Illegal small-scale gold miners in DR Congo, such as those who were killed when their makeshift mine collapsed last week, are the often-exploited first link in a supply chain that extends to Dubai, according to experts.

The bodies of 22 artisanal miners have been recovered as of Monday, a resident at the scene told AFP, after torrential rain flooded their mine in the eastern town of Kamituga three days before.

The mining town’s mayor has said 20 local families have reported missing loved ones. Rescue efforts continued on Monday to find any survivors of the mining disaster, which are all to common in the vast central African country’s volatile east.

The “diggers”, as the artisanal miners are known, were searching for gold at the site of a subsidiary of Canadian gold mining company Banro.

Banro announced last year it was suspending its operations at the site in the South Kivu province.

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