Canada to unveil retaliatory measures against United States this week in aluminum dispute – by Steven Chase (Globe and Mail – September 15, 2020)

Canada this week will unveil the retaliatory measures it’s taking against the United States after President Donald Trump slapped tariffs on Canadian aluminum in August.

An announcement could come as soon as Tuesday, or as late as Wednesday, a government source said. The Globe granted anonymity because the source is not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland last month said the measures would amount to $3.6-billion and would go into effect on Sept. 16. They will be tariffs on U.S. imports, many of which contain aluminum.

In August, Canada released a list of possible targets, including washing machines, refrigerators and golf clubs. Officials have been consulting with Canadians for the last month about which products should be targeted to have the strongest possible impact on the United States, but inflict “minimal damage on Canada.”

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