Battery metals to boom despite widespread Covid-19 disruption (Mining Weekly – September 11, 2020)

Battery metals, which are used in modern energy efficient electrical products, are playing an increasingly important role in climate change mitigation and the shift towards a lower carbon-intensive future.

Battery metals, including lithium, vanadium, copper, cobalt, nickel, lead and graphite, are increasingly used in larger-scale battery storage products and in components used to transmit and distribute electricity.

Two key factors in the green energy transition are technology development and the roll-out of renewable-energy solutions, energy storage devices and electric vehicles (EVs), with solar- and wind-derived electricity generation the frontrunners in terms of green energy production.

In terms of EVs, the focus is on electric-only EV development and roll-out, with the focus having shifted from the now decade-old hybrid concept comprising a conventional internal combustion engine, electric drive powertrain and battery pack.

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