‘Made in Morocco’: Mining Boom Demands Focus on Value Added Products – by Jasper Hamann (Morocco World News – September 7, 2020)


Rabat – A mining boom could benefit more than just exports if Morocco can advance the production of value-added products. Shedding the legacy of colonialist resource exploitation, Morocco could expand its position in supply chains and better profit from its natural assets.

The country has 75% of the world’s estimated reserves of phosphate and is growing its share of barite, cobalt, and other important minerals. The world relies on countries like Morocco to supply the global community with such minerals.

These raw materials are necessary to produce mobile phones, make fertilizer to grow crops, and produce steel for cars and buildings. Reserves for important materials for high-tech products like computers and cell phones are not available in Europe and the United States.

Instead Western countries rely on often unstable countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, where conflict and poor infrastructure make business difficult and often unethical. Morocco presents a stable and market-friendly alternative.

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