Daimler Joins Responsible Mica Initiative to Combat Child Labor in Indian Mica Mines (Steel Guru – September 7, 2020)


Daimler AG is taking further important steps to ensure respect for human rights in the vicinity of raw-material mines: The Company has joined forces with the Terre des Hommes Netherlands NGO for a project and has joined the Responsible Mica Initiative to combat child labor in Indian mica mines.

The cooperation with Terre des Hommes Netherlands in Jharkhand India aims to enable children in the vicinity of mica mines to attend school and to provide economic support for their families.

The raw material mica is used, among other things, to achieve the shimmering effect of vehicle paints. The project aims to prevent parents from having to send their children to work in mica mines.

At the same time, a good education makes it more likely that the children can earn their own living later as adults and that the family is not dependent on income from child labor. In addition to the educational opportunities for children, local structures are to be strengthened and information is to be provided on children’s rights.

To this end, Daimler and Terre des Hommes Netherlands are also working together with regional aid organizations. The project supported by Daimler will initially run until 2022.

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