Traditional Owners Block Access to Australia’s Adani Carmichael Coal Mine – by Gavin Butler (Vice News – August 26, 2020)

A throng of more than 20 protesters—including Traditional Owners of local Wangan and Jagalingou country—has blocked the main road to Australia’s Adani Carmichael coal mine in a bid to re-establish control of the land and force the mining giant to abandon the project.

The blockade is preventing workers from accessing the construction site for the thermal coal mine, which, when completed, is set to be one of the world’s largest.

With the capacity to generate an annual output of 60 million tonnes of coal, it’s estimated that the mine could singlehandedly put twice as much carbon into the atmosphere as Tokyo every year.

All that coal then needs to be transported via shipping channels dredged through the Great Barrier Reef—which explains why the project has been highly controversial since its inception.

Despite numerous efforts to stop it, however, the mine was given state and federal approval in June 2019.

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