Commentary: Impact investment to play critical and growing role in mining sector – by Andrew Cheatle (Northern Miner – August 20, 2020)

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Andrew Cheatle is a mining executive/director and geoscientist. He is passionate about the mining industry’s role in community and national development.

Impact investing has become a strong emergent trend over the last decade. It is a trend, however, that has largely avoided the mining industry, and the mining industry has largely avoided impact investors.

Is the mining industry now ready for impact investors and should impact investors invest in the mining industry?

Over the last two decades our mining, exploration, and minerals industry, has undertaken a positive seismic shift in its approach towards Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) practices.

Today, nearly 100% of mining companies address the ESG (or CSR) question through their websites, symposiums, corporate presentations or ‘one to one’ meetings with investors. Crucially, this is backed up by real activity on the ground and in the communities within which we operate.

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