‘Come for a day, discovery a century’: Cobalt’s slogan still rings true – by Lydia Chubak (CTV Northern Ontario – August 21, 2020)


TIMMINS — Historical remnants of Cobalt’s rich mining history continue to stand tall, and are none the worse for wear.

A hundred years ago, many prospectors came into being by chance in the north. Some of the first ones in Cobalt were building rail lines who caught glimpses of silver gleaming in lake rocks. Then they kept moving north, in search of gold.

Timmins Museum curator Karen Bachmann said many of them were engineers or mining men who understood the bush.

“There’s a large component as well that are just looking for their fortune, thinking this is an easy way to make money, or following the romance and the adventure of it all,” Bachmann said. “I mean, you’re looking at the beginning of the 20th Century, so that’s a very adventurous time.”

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