OPINION: Lashing out at critics won’t revive Alberta’s oil sands. What’s needed is action – Editorial Board (Globe and Mail – August 13, 2020)


Jason Kenney sat down with The Globe and Mail’s editorial board for a wide-ranging session shortly after he was elected Premier of Alberta last year. When asked about some international investors starting to shun the oil sands, Mr. Kenney declared it was a passing fad, the “flavour of the day.” It’s been a long day.

The oil sands have become a global climate-change lightning rod, the bitumen of northeastern Alberta called the “tar sands” and branded the dirtiest oil anywhere. The image is unfair, but it has become a reality that Alberta and Canada must address.

It seemed less pressing in years past, when it was only a few Hollywood stars helicoptering aghast over oil sands mines.

Opposition has since expanded, and today the list of those who feel it financially prudent to take up the mantle of oil sands skeptic includes some of the world’s biggest money managers, banks, insurers and, yes, even oil companies.

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