Laurentian researchers work to see if mine tailings ponds can help treat cancer (CBC News Sudbury – August 11, 2020)

A group of researchers in Sudbury say early results of their studies are showing promising results in a potential way to treat cancer.

Gerusa Senhorinho, a postdoctoral fellow at Laurentian University in Sudbury, says she and other researchers have been having a closer look at mine tailings water — from both active and abandoned mines — to see if it can be used to treat cancer.

The work has been ongoing since 2012. Senhorinho says they’ve been collecting water samples from property owned by Glencore. They’re also working to get samples from some of the 5,000 abandoned mine sites across the province.

“We have to make sure we measure the water in terms of ph and metal concentrations,” she said.

She says they’ve been collecting the water samples and separating the different types of green microalgae in them. From there, they grow the algae and eventually see if it contains chemicals.

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