This lithium exploration project could revitalize the Sask. oil industry – by Taylor Rattray (CTV News Regina – August 4, 2020)

REGINA — A new project is bringing lithium exploration to Saskatchewan, and it could have major implications for the province’s oil industry.

Prairie Lithium Corp. is part of a project that will take oilfield brine water, and extract lithium through a series of chemical reactions.

“The lithium-free brine water is then sent back down hole for disposal, and the extracted lithium can be sent for further refining into battery-grade materials,” said Zach Maurer, president and CEO of Prairie Lithium Corp.

Maurer has been studying lithium in Saskatchewan for the last three years. He began working with Dr. Ian Ireland, and the two developed this project’s process over several months.

“Prior to this, I was actually developing systems to treat oilfield-produced water,” said Dr. Ireland. “It’s the biggest waste in the oilfield. Normally, you produce oil and you produce more water, especially in Saskatchewan.”

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