More than ever, Canada needs a national infrastructure corridor – by Ted Morton (Calgary Herald – June 27, 2020)

“But today that prosperity is at risk. Five years of anti-energy,
anti-western and anti-growth policies from the Trudeau Liberals
have decimated Alberta’s economy.”

This month marks the 90th anniversary of the Natural Resources Transfer Agreement, the constitutional reform that created the economic foundation for the dynamic and prosperous Alberta of the past six decades.

Alberta and Saskatchewan achieved provincial status in 1905, but NOT on equal terms. Ownership of Crown (public) lands and natural resources were not granted to the two new provinces.

This was a radical departure from the practice in the rest of Canada, under which all other provinces did control their own natural resources. We were officially second-class provinces.

“Equality of the provinces” became the Alberta battle cry. For the next 25 years, the transfer of natural resource ownership to Alberta was pursued in virtually every session of the legislature.

Not once, but twice, Alberta governments enacted mineral taxation legislation to try to recoup the revenues that Alberta was being denied. Not once, but twice, these laws were disallowed by Ottawa.

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