Tesla Addresses Zero-Cobalt Future in Latest Impact Report – by Jowy Klender (Auto Body News – June 9, 2020)


Tesla outlined its goal for responsible cobalt sourcing in its latest 2019 Impact Report, released on June 8.

The automaker plans to eventually produce a zero-cobalt battery for its vehicles and energy products, in its bid to source metals in a responsible fashion that maintains not only the integrity of the company but also the human rights of those involved in the sourcing of raw materials.

“Tesla’s batteries use nickel-rich cathode materials which contain less cobalt than other widely use cathode chemistries in the industry with our ultimate goal being to eliminate cobalt completely from our cells,” notes Tesla in its Impact Report.

Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries use an NCA cathode makeup, comprised of a nickel-cobalt-aluminum structure. The combination of the three metals creates a battery that has longevity and stability throughout the life cycle of the vehicle.

Cobalt supplies a battery with high-rate performance and enhances cycle stability when exposed to high levels of heat, according to ScienceMag.

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