Time to restore America’s nuclear energy leadership – by Dan Brouillette (Casper Star Tribune – June 7, 2020)


Dan Brouillette is the United States Secretary of Energy.

From the moment the United States split the atom more than seven decades ago, America has led the world in nuclear energy and advancements in nuclear technology.

From safely powering our homes to treating cancer, nuclear technology has undoubtedly improved our lives. Regrettably, this critical advantage, with all the economic and national security implications it brings with it, has been unmistakably slipping away.

Around the world, American nuclear companies face increasingly fierce and unfair competition from state-owned enterprises, including those of China and Russia.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney noted in an October 2019 letter to President Trump that “Chinese state-owned companies are acquiring large uranium mines that constitute significant free world supply in Africa as part of the ‘one belt one road’ initiative.”

Now, the United States risks losing its ability to produce domestic uranium. While this decline was decades in the making, regulatory actions under the Obama-Biden Administration further hampered our domestic uranium industry.

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