Himmler’s hidden gold? Secret society’s long-lost map could uncover 30 tons of Nazi treasure – by Staff (National Post – June 5, 2020)


Could a secret society’s long-hidden diary hold the key to finding a treasure trove hidden by leading Nazi Heinrich Himmler?

That’s according to Polish news site The First News, which reports that the diary, recently handed over to a Polish foundation by a German one, could include a map that reveals the site of 30 tons of gold stashed away by Hitler’s Waffen SS.

The gold and other treasures are reportedly concealed some 60 metres beneath surface level at the Hochberg Palace in Roztoka, in Poland’s south-east. The palace was once owned by the famed Hochberg family, and the treasure is speculated to lie at the bottom of an old well.

The palace, The First News reports, had previously been referred to as a Nazi hiding site on the so-called Grundmann List. Heritage conservationist Gunther Grundmann had been tasked with making a list of the holdings of the Third Reich in 1942.

The diary in question was penned at the end of the Second World War by a “Michaelis,” an otherwise anonymous officer of the Waffen SS. It was eventually discovered in the northern German town of Quedlinburg.

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