Don’t sell Hope Bay to China, Yellowknife MLA warns – by Derek Neary (Nunavut News – June 3, 2020)

Debate continues to simmer around the pending $149-million (U.S.) sale of TMAC Resources and control of the Kitikmeot Hope Bay gold property to Chinese-based Shandong Gold Mining.

Commenting on a previous Nunavut News article about the prospective deal, Yellowknife MLA Rylund Johnson strongly urged the Government of Canada to reject the purchase agreement.

“There is no benefit to the Inuit in having a Canadian colonizer swapped out for a Chinese one,” Johnson wrote. “There are so many risks that come with allowing the Chinese government to increase influence in the Arctic, including the fact they are one of our main competitors in mining.”

Johnson quoted a Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) report that warned against the purchase of a different Canadian company by a Chinese state-owned enterprise – and Shandong Mining is also state-owned.

The report warned of “vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure, control over strategic sectors, espionage and foreign-influenced activities, and illegal transfer of technology and expertise” as China strengthens its stake in Canada.

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