Vale confirms Mark Travers as executive director of base metals – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – June 1, 2020)

Mark Travers has been confirmed as Vale’s executive director of base metals. Travers has held the position on an interim basis since March 2019 after the resignation of CEO Fábio Schvartsman and three of the company’s senior executives.

The resignations were prompted by the collapse of a tailings dam in Brazil that killed 186 people.

“I am committed to leading the base metals’ business transformation to create a bright future on the strengths of our ongoing efforts to become a safe, reliable and sustainable operator,” Travers said in a statement from Vale.

“Despite these challenging and unprecedented times, we continue to deliver on the commitments we’ve made in safety, production and costs as well as with our new pact with society.”

According to Vale, the ‘new pact with society’ is part of a strategy to “becoming a development enabler in the areas where we operate and fostering a safer and more sustainable Brazilian mining industry.”

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