OPINION: Expect gold mining takeovers, but no takeover premiums – by Andrew Willis (Globe and Mail – June 1, 2020)


The gold mining sector is being rocked by a round of mergers and acquisitions that’s widely expected to pick up steam. Courtesy of one influential executive, Barrick Gold Corp.’s Mark Bristow, what’s missing from the current round of deal-making is the premium prices that defined past takeovers.

Precious metals stocks are market darlings because the price of gold is soaring on fears of a pandemic-induced economic downturn and currency-debasing inflation.

The last time bullion prices tested these historic highs, a decade ago, a number of mining chief executive officers binged on wealth-destroying deals.

Companies such as Barrick and Kinross Gold Corp. acquired rivals at premium prices – 20 per cent to 30 per cent above where the target company’s stock was trading – then spent years dealing with a hangover of paying down debt and writing down the value of assets.

Enter Mr. Bristow. Two years ago, he was CEO of Randgold Resources Ltd. when Barrick made an all-stock, US$6-billion offer for his company that featured no premium to where Randgold shares were trading, and proposed that Mr. Bristow would join Barrick as its CEO.

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