[Cobalt Silver Mining] Ghostly tales from Ontario’s past make great summer reading – by Miriam King (Orillia Matters – May 30, 2020)


Exploring the fascinating landscape and history of Cobalt, Ontario; It’s a fun read, perfect for a summer night

Ontario is filled with ‘ghost towns’ – towns that experienced an economic boom, grew swiftly to encompass the lives and dreams of their residents, and then experienced a decline.

Many were mining towns, abandoned when mines closed or deposits ran out. Some, like Dalton Mills and Creighton, were abandoned. Only ruins stand where there was once a thriving community.

Others still exist but as a mere shadow of their former glory, like the town of Cobalt. Located about halfway between North Bay and Timmins near Lake Temiskaming, once the “silver capital” of Canada, the town had a population of over 12,000 during the boom years.

Now, barely 1,200 people live in the community – but the ghosts of the past still linger. Sometimes literally.

Local historian and author Andrew Hind’s newest book, Silver and Ghosts: Creepy Cobalt and Region, explores the history and hauntings of Cobalt. The idea grew out of a trip to the area in 2007, when Hind first heard some of the town’s ghost stories.

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